Monday, April 25, 2016

Key Connector #5: Striving to be Tomorrow..TODAY!

In Chapter 5 of "What Connected Educators Do Differently", we are reminded that as educators, we strive to inspire our students to believe that they can truly achieve the success they long for. However--are we doing this for ourselves to? Do we take the time we need to do to be successful? Are we we taking the necessary steps that lead us to the path of greatness?

Whitaker, Casas, and Zoul said that if we are going to inspire our students to be great, we must be willing to model what it looks like to push the limits and strive for excellence. How can I do this? By bringing my personal best each and every day. One quote that really stood out to me from this chapter is, "A huge part of striving for a successful tomorrow is by living out a great today." How often are many of us living our lives as "go-mos"---those who just "go through the motions". I must admit, I am guilty of doing this from time to time--typically right before winter, spring, and summer breaks. As the school year is drawing down to a close, I will remind myself of this quote. I know that I am, for the most part, in control of what happens throughout my day. Things happen, roadblocks pop up, but I can control how I let it affect me and how to overcome any obstacles. I must make the most of each day, choose to bring my "A Game".

So what are my biggest takeaways from this chapter? Well:

1. Continue to make and build connections within my school and social media.  Collaboration is HUGE!

2. Be purposeful and intentional with my time. As a woman who wears many hats, I find myself wishing there were just two more hours in each day so that I can get everything done.

3. The 33% Rule. Don't let the bottom third suck the life out of me! Continue to bring positive energy each and every day, as well as surround myself around those who do too. Protect my greatness!

4. Strive to make a greater impact. Plan intentionally to make a difference in the lives of those who I work closely with each and every day--my colleagues, my students and athletes, and their families.

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  1. Well said and inspiring. Thank you!