Friday, April 1, 2016

Key Connector #4: Education-It's All About Give and Take!

After reading the fourth key connector, "Give and Take", I find that most of my giving is happening in my daily workplace and/or at various district-level meetings and collaborations. Though I am able to share ideas with my fellow BPS colleagues, I know that I need to push outside these boundaries, and share with the rest of the world. Whether it be through Twitter, Pinterest, blogging, or "Teachers Pay Teachers", I need to find confidence to share with fellow educators all over the world.

As for "taking", I love how Whitaker, Casas, and Zoul promote "stealing" ideas through the use of networking. I will admit that I find myself "taking" more than "giving. Most of my best lessons and activities are found through our iPad Academy collaborations and my Twitter PLNs.

Regardless of where educators find themselves on this spectrum, this does hold true: "Connected educators possess an almost fanatical "pay it forward" mindset, whereby the become energized not only by giving, but also by receiving help". The more we receive from our fellow educators, the more we feel compelled to give back!

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